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F i r s t  N a t i o n s  A r t i s t

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United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

Dreams and Reality. Technology and Art. Urban and Nature. Identity and Collectivity. 

Visual Arts

Mixing street art and cultural heritage

Blending Music

Traditional chants with electronic music


Honouring First Nations into a collective diversity

Anna-Khesic Khway Harper (Sky-Woman-Falling-Unto-Earth Harper) 

Also known as Kiki Harper, Anna-Khesic is a multidisciplinary artist who channels other dimensions into visual reality. Her spiritual beliefs inspire her to create music, art and events.  

Through her presentations, she is able to raise First Nations awareness and spirituality by collaborating with different environments, cultures and companies.

Based in Montreal, sharing our diversity and our identities together is what she believes in.

Earth-Sky-Woman relates to the Iroquois creation story

In the creation story a woman falls from the Sky. Saved from friends of Nature she was able to create Earth, Moon and Sky.

Iroquois Art. False Face. Shapeshifter. Self-Portrait. 

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Are You Attending?